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Royal Organics is dedicated to the premise that you can have high quality and be sustainable.

We have provided high quality compost to farms, homes and construction projects for years. And now those products have been made easier to use!

A healthy body starts with healthy food, and healthy food starts with healthy soil. Our compost products provide organic matter, nutrients and beneficial microbes to make your soil - and your plants - healthier!

We collaborate with nature by taking scraps of food, yard debris and agricultural residues (no manures or biosolids) through two different types of composting. It is aged for a long period time in the dry climate within the rain shadow of the Cascade Mountains, where we can control moisture content.

To make a high quality compost better, we made it easier to use.

Our Retail Products

Royal Organics Compost


Composting is a collaboration with nature to transform organic matter into a form that provides nourishment and enhances the environment for soil and plants. Microbes naturally and efficiently break down vegetation over time.

Quality compost provides soil with the essentials for growing healthy plants. Nutrients are slowly released from the compost, microbes mineralize existing nutrients for roots to absorb and the added organic matter slows leaching. Healthy, active microbes also prevent harmful pathogens and some soil borne diseases.

Compost creates structure for the soil, making room that allows for water, air, and the roots to move more freely. It also allows for increased water holding capacity and reduces erosion.

Our compost products include Soil Suplimint, Royal Classic Compost and custom blends.

Royal Organic Products Bag Mulch Compost


Mulch derived from special screenings of Royal Organics compost is now available.

Our customized screen is capable of sifting out a fairly uniform particle size that makes wonderful mulch for your flower and garden beds.

Bagged mulch will be available soon.

Royal Organic Products Pelletized Compost


We pelletize our compost products for easy application, handling and performance. This retains all of the positive aspects of compost – including the microbiology – which allows for the use of conventional fertilizer applicators.

Years of research and development created pellets for precision agriculture, turf and now available for home use.

To learn more visit for agriculture and professional turf use and for information on home and garden use.

Other Products

Compell compost by Royal Organic Products

COMPELL – The Force of Nature.

Compell is a paradigm shift for compost, soil and agriculture. After years of research we designed a pelletized compost product for precision agriculture.

It can be applied with modern, precision equipment such as air drills, no-till drills, banding fertilizer applicators and more.

To learn more visit:

Compro Turf Builder by Royal Organic Products

COMPRO - for Turf Grass

Compro is a small standardized compost pellet ideally suited for turf grass applications.

Run it through your regular fertilizer spreader across your sports field, park, or fairway and let it slip between the blades of grass to feed the soil below. All the benefits of clean compost without compromise.

Learn more about Compro

About Us

About Royal Organic Products

Building a sustainable future from the ground up.

Our roots are in agriculture and our philosophy is, “Use the tools that work.” You are the reason that our company exists. Your scrap organic materials provide us with feedstocks to make high quality compost products to bring back to you. We take great pride in providing products and services to help our customers and vendors succeed.

While we use procedures to maintain Organic registrations for our compost, we know that our products work for conventional growers just as well. We want to bridge the gap between the “organic” world and the “conventional” world and provide tools and solutions that work. Our research, experience and knowledge enabled us to collaborate with nature to bring you the highest quality compost available.

Our facility is located in the rain shadow of the Cascade Mountains, which provides an arid climate and the ability to manage moisture effectively. We recycle water that drains during the composting process so there is no discharge into the environment. The Cascades also provide regular breezes that flow down the Columbia Gorge and across our site. Those winds provide optimal air flow through the composting process.

We are locally owned and operated by people who have farmed, grown up on farms and have worked in agriculture (field representative, buyer, crop consultant and aerial applicator). We have seen our compost work for large farms, small farms, landscaping, home gardens and erosion control projects. We take pride in your success.

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